Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Making Movie Feasts

A number of posts back I shared a list of my favorite foodie movies.  One of them was Babette's Feast, a 1987 Oscar winner from Denmark.  Truth is, the movie does exactly what I want to be writing about.  In the movie a French woman living in an austere Danish community the late 19th century prepares a sumptuous, sensuous, decadent meal for her somber community and creates quite a stir.  At its core, Babette’s Feast is about how food brings us together and creates intimacy and community.  Not long after writing the blog entry I came across a wonderful essay that raises a challenge to all of us.  In J. Bryan Lowder’s Cooking With Babette in Slate Magazine, we are regaled with a wonderful story of attempting to duplicate Babette’s feast  at home.  After reading it, I think I might be better suited to just eat Reese’s Pieces,  ride a bike and call it my E.T. meal; I don’t have the budget, time or skill, I am afraid, to replicate such a meal.  But then eating candy on a solo bike ride across the moon would be missing Babette’s point, now wouldn’t it?  That said, the essay is a great read and inspires an idea.  What is your favorite foodie movie?  Now, go watch it again and pick a recipe.  Come back here or to the Facebook page and share your experiences.  Happy watching, happy cooking, happy eating!!!   
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