Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Delicious, Inspiring Show

One night recently we were looking for movie to watch on Netflix.  We couldn’t really find one so we opted for a documentary series, Chef’s Table.  What a pleasant surprise.  The first episode was about Massimo Battura of Osteria Fransescana in Modena, Italy.  The show was about 45 minutes long and was beautifully filmed.  Unlike the 30 second blurbs you get on your favorite food network, with this you got depth.  You really got to know what makes Massimo tick.  The visuals of his food were drool-inducing.  The spirit and joy he displayed will make you want to get on a plane to Italy ASAP.  The interaction between Massimo and his wife and family truly illustrate the possibilities of following your passion and doing what you are meant to do.  

The second episode was about Blue Hill’s Dan Barber.  Still beautifully filmed and very intimate, Barber is a different sort of personality.  Fueled by childhood pain, he seems to be an obsessive perfectionist.  However, he also has a vision of food, flavor and the environment we all must listen to.  Blue Hill at Stone Barns has been on my bucket list since they opened.  One day I will be back east with enough money in the bank to make this happen.  This film only makes me more determined. 

I am looking forward to the remaining episodes.  While they certainly explore dining out and cooking at their extreme edge in flavor and expense, they explore food and vocation in ways worth considering.  You can spend $500 per person for such dining experiences, but you can also find local, reasonably priced places doing the best they can and delivering flavorful food, responsibly produced with love.  But you should watch this series to consider the possibilities.

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