Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some random food pics

Today I would just like to share some recent food pictures.

Everyone has a dish they feel they have mastered.  For me it is pasta alla carbonara.  I would put mine against some of the best I have had in Italy.  It’s taken a lot of practice and research, but here it is.  Looks like my next research topic should be food photography.
One night I came home to find the house smelling amazing.  It stopped me dead in my tracks.  My wife had made a giant, beautiful croque monsieur.  Look at this!  It tasted so good!
Standing in front of Randy's Donuts in LA...can't wait till another visit in a few weeks.

Here’s another Christmas meal picture – beer-braised short ribs with lots of root veggies.

The kids have been food-crazy since the holidays.  It’s made the kitchen busy and wonderful.  All that we have been trying to teach them is starting to show fruit.  Here we have two of our daughter’s recent creations.  First, baked eggs in Canadian bacon “cups” with leftover fried mashed potatoes.  These tasted incredible.  The combination, of course, is classic, but the fried potatoes along side to help mop up egg yolk…truly something special.   

This is a pic of a recipe from one of her Christmas-gift cookbooks (there were three).  I forget what it was so I will have to update this.  But the kids have really taken to the newest in kitchen apparel – our family-blog apron. Thanks to the grandparents!
And I am sorry...seems no matter what I do, the blog insists on putting a couple of these in sideways.  Please kindly tilt your head until I figure this out.

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