Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Scallops in the City by the Bay

Friday night we were at a friend’s place in San Francisco.  After a week of illness and a few days of yoga, we needed a simple, pleasant dinner in, even though hundreds of great restaurants beckoned.  A quick stop at Adronico’s in Los Altos, and I was prepped.  I arrived in the city, took a seat by the window and stopped.  Staying in and eating by a view of the Bay Bridge would be just what the doctor ordered. 

We started with a glass of prosecco and some cheese and crackers…and stop…again.  We so rarely get a chance to slow down, so this night we intentionally go slow, savoring, breathing, stopping.  Ok….enough stopping.  You came here to see what we ate, not how we relaxed.

Throw together a quick salad and get that to the table because the rest of the meal will come together in a flash.  Sliced disks of polenta from one of those ready-to-go- tubes at the grocery store go into a thin layer of very hot olive oil.  Fry those up till warmed through and slightly browned.  Same time…sear large sea scallops.  As this is happening take a large white plate and place four small dollops of store-bought pesto.  Now place polenta disks on each spot of pesto.  Quickly heat through tomato slices, put another small dollop of pesto on each polenta, place heated tomato slices on each polenta, minute amount of shredded parmigiano, then seared scallop then another little dollop of pesto.  Serve with prosecco, some crisp white wine, some Neapolitan spring water, Ferrarelle, or whatever refreshing drink you like.

A lovely dinner assembled in about ten minutes using just two pans.  Simplicity and Deliciousness.   

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