Sunday, October 14, 2012

Date Night, part one

“We need a date night soon.”
“I can see if we can get a sitter next Friday or Saturday.”
“No, I mean we need a date night soon, like tonight.”
“Oh…ok…I will see what I can do.”

Sometimes the need for a date night comes on in a hurry and needs to be addressed immediately.  And for the good of the family, it’s really best to take that need seriously.  This was just the conversation my wife and I had this week.  And the strength of our family starts with the strength of us as a couple.

We managed to have our sitter watch the kids Friday night while we headed out.  And we really did just head out – we had no idea where we were going or when we would be back.  We knew exactly the sort of place we needed, in fact we could name it.  Unfortunately it was up in the city – 85 miles away.  We would need to settle on someplace a little closer to home.  But we needed someplace different where we could get some new flavors, some new scenery, a touch of adventure.  After driving around we settled on a Greek place we hadn’t been to, prefaced by a beer at a place across the street known for its great selection, simply called Burger.  ( We got a couple beers - big, hoppy, floral, bready ones, and just glanced at the menu. 

I should say that Burger isn’t at all your average burger joint.  At 8pm the place was loaded with kids, Archie cartoons were being projected on the wall and there was a box of toys to play with.  The beer selection was, in fact, excellent and diverse.  But the menu certainly made us pause.  We opted to try an appetizer – prosciutto-wrapped figs drizzled with a balsamic reduction.  Burger joint?  They were exquisite.  The bartender was amicable and knowledgeable, too.  We chose to stay and try a salad and a couple wood-fired pizzas.  We caught up on our week, caught the end of a great baseball game and unwound.  Ultimately, that is what we needed – more than a warm atmosphere, more than particular food or flavors – we needed a chance to stop with each other and chat, uninterrupted and still. 
That’s why date night is important…  We all get so caught up with our tasks and chores, never mind the exhaustion of our jobs.  We have to stop and get back to the basics.  The strength of our families begins with the adult couple.  We when are relaxed, connected and joyous together we see the results in our kids.  Family chores, manners, the way they treat each other, our ability to parent all improve.  Though it might seem like we need to spend all our time with the kids and sacrifice dates, romance and intimacy for a few years, the reality is that the health and happiness of the family depends on it. 

As for the pizza…it was excellent, and we will return to Burger.  And we topped off the romance with a stop at Marianne’s for some wonderful ice cream on the way home.  Nothing says Date Night like an ice cream cone after 9pm. 
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