Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Slow Down and Eat Together

I passionately believe that food is central to the way we build relationships, yet much in American culture has changed in the last few decades.  I remember when hand-held food was for picnics and a fast food drive-thru was a novelty.  Microwaves?  My family didn’t have one until I was 15.  Now we have so many conveniences that are supposed to make us more efficient.  But is it really more efficient if we eat while moving and rarely stop to truly connect with each other?  Is it really more efficient if we have sacrificed relationships in order to get more done?  We all know we need to slow down.  We are all happier when we get a chance to savor the joys in life, food being a rather important joy.  Dr. Nadine Burke highlights some of the issues related to health here…. http://www.nourishlife.org/2011/06/video-nadine-burke-food-and-family/
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