Monday, November 5, 2012

Family and Donuts

Honoring family and food this weekend…  

 This weekend we stopped at Los Angeles landmark Randy’s Donuts in honor of my wife’s grandfather, Tranquilino Cipres.  He passed away in August.  Years ago he was a plasterer in LA.  Among his early projects was plastering the giant donut that has since become  an LA monument seen by millions as they land at LAX or watch such things as Iron Man 2 or Randy Newman’s "I Love LA" video.  He went on to plaster some of the most famous buildings in LA, worked in many film studios and worked on the homes of such celebrities as Bob Hope, Liberace and Linda Ronstadt.  

As for Randy’s… GREAT donuts!  This will become a regular stop for us when we are in Southern California.  Open 24 hours a day, always fresh donuts, always delicious!

Here’s to you, Great-Grandpa!
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