Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Great Fries

French fries are certainly ubiquitous.  They serve as plate filler in all sorts of restaurants across this country, too frequently in absurd quantities.  However, great fries are a true treat.  I could go for some from In-N-Out, well done, anytime.  I think they're the only fast food fries that taste like real potatoes.  And I love being able to watch someone prep them right in front of me....from potato to fryer to my mouth.  But many places are able to take fries to a whole new level.  While traveling in Europe, particularly the Low Countries and France I have had some wonderful pommes frites.  My favorites have been from a stand in Brussels, a festival in Luxembourg and Chez Denise in Paris.  Everyone seems to have a few secrets for a truly great fry, but one consistent element seems to twice-fried.  Here in the States my favorites have been Les Halles in New York City and Duckfat in Portland, Maine. Here CNN gives Duckfat some recognition. 
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