Monday, November 19, 2012


I ran into the grocery for only one thing, but on my way to the register I caught the Mallomar display in the corner of my eye.  I glanced and grinned, remembering how much I enjoy them.  Then I saw the price, $3.99.  Well…I could afford this little luxury…why not?  It was a warm day in San Jose so I put them on the floor of my car under lots of paper; I couldn’t have them melt!
That night after dinner the kids asked if they could have dessert.

“Of course, in fact I have a very special treat.  A treat you can only get in the fall and winter.”
As soon as I took them from the cabinet the kids lit up. They had seen them before but hadn’t had one.  Is that proof that yellow really is the most memorable color to your brains?  I sat at the table and began to explain. 

“This is a special treat.  You can’t have these all the time because they melt, so it is important to savor each bite – you never know how long you will have to wait for another.  So eat this slowly and enjoy every part…the soft cookie inside, the filling like marshmallow, the thin layer of chocolate – but be careful…you don’t want to drop any chocolate.  And be sure to try to get some of all three parts in each bite.”

I started to open the box.  “Do I have your word that you will savor every bit and eat one slowly?”

“Yes, yes, yes….can we have one??!!”

“Ok…but remember…enjoy every bite.”

His eyes lit up as he took that first small nibble.  She grinned and giggled.  A harmonious , “mmmmm” filled the dining room.  They each took about two full minutes to consume their single mallomar…small bites fully savored before another was taken.  Big smiles.  And not a single request for one more…until tomorrow.  
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