Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Tale of the S'Meeps!!!

I remember the Easter season as a kid.  In New England it meant warming weather, melting snow and hints of green.  The week leading up to Easter would mean a vaguely-remembered Rankin-Bass show about Peter Cottontail and the main event, The Wizard of Oz.  Good Friday was mournful for some reason I didn’t fully understand.  And then came the big day.  The Easter Bunny had come the night before leaving behind jelly beans, chocolate and hopefully some marshmallow Peeps.  Dinner was always ham , frozen, wilted spinach with vinegar and scallop potatoes.  I do remember the potatoes fondly…

This year we added a life-altering dessert to the mix.  I am serious... this is big.  You are going to hear this, wonder why you haven’t done it, print this, and do it next Spring – or maybe next weekend!  Do not continue reading unless you’re willing to increase you sugar intake soon.  Do not continue reading this if you’re overly concerned for your health.  Absolutely stop reading now if you have kids that get hyper with sugar and you wish they would not.  Just stop now.

Still here?  Cool.  Here’s what we did… and in full disclosure, this was not my idea.  This is the doing of my future sister-in-law – all her invention.  First, in classic urban fashion, my brother-in-law started a fire in a bucket.  When was the last time you did that on Easter Sunday?  Want more?  Ok…next we got out graham crackers…ok…you might think you know where this is going…but wait.  Then we got one chocolate bunny, a hollow one, and busted it on a plate and then, you guessed it, opened a box of Peeps.  No…we opened two, one pink bunnies and the other yellow chicks.  Yes indeed….we made s’mores and turned them into S’MEEPS!!!!  But listen…there’s a real beauty in this.  That sugary, colored crust on the Peep caramelizes over the flame like you wouldn’t believe.  And it gets so hot that it instantly melts the thin milk chocolate of the bunny.  And when you squeeze it all together on a cracker the marshmallow oozes out through holes in the crust of the Peep.  This is amazing!

I love s’mores, but this takes it to another level.  And now we have a new Easter dessert tradition!  Long Live The Easter S’meeps.   
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