Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pissota con l'Oio

I had the pleasure twice in the past week to make a delicious Olive Oil Cake.  I know that likely sounds weird, but it is so wonderfully easy to make and delicious.  I first found the recipe a few years ago.  Not being a baker by any stretch of the imagination, I needed something unique, but easy.  This fit the bill the first time I made it, but this time… well, this recipe should be in everyone’s repertoire. 

I found it on Saveur’s website.  I find that to be a great source of recipes that are normally easy, authentic and great to eat.  But this time I dressed it up.  I know, you’re thinking you can’t mess with baking.  Improv and baking do not mix.  Baking is like chemistry; if you fiddle with quantities and ingredients you risk too much.   But risk is fun, live a little.

I followed the recipe carefully, but did the following:
Doubled the lemon zest and used the juice from half a lemon
Included about a table spoon of poppy seeds
Was generous with the booze, in the style of Julia Child.  I used Cointreau.
Before I poured the batter in the bundt pan I sprinkled just a little rock sea salt in the pan

When I was ready to serve it I drizzled chocolate sauce over it recklessly, making a mess all over the counter, which I had proactively spread paper towels on.  To serve I included a scoop of lemon sorbet and a couple mint leaves.  I wish I had a picture, but we were all having too much fun to stop for such a thing.  I will do it again, and include a picture then.  In the meantime, try this recipe.  The kids love it, adults love it, and it’s versatile.  It could be iced, served alongside a cup of coffee in the morning, or done as a dessert as I did.  Go for it.  And when you tell people it’s olive oil cake, most will be surprised and intrigued.  And wait till the salt pops in their mouths.  The smiles are priceless.        
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