Thursday, April 25, 2013

Family Night in San Diego

Date nights and couple’s celebrations are wonderful, and even better if you have kids; the time alone is golden.  But a real celebration needs the kids and family and friends.  That’s the only way to really have a festive occasion.  And if a couple of the friends are foodies or chefs and the kids eat or will try anything, even better.  In San Diego this month we spent a few days with some dear friends who are just as excited about food as we are. We ate like champs throughout the entire trip, but one night had a very special feast, all prepared by a dear friend who is an executive chef and serious foodie.  Take a look at these pictures….

A simple salad of butter lettuce and avocado.

Tri-tip roast and roasted veggies.

What I most appreciate about these meals is their simplicity.  There are no long processes.  No special techniques.  No prep aside from chopping.  This is simple, fresh food, prepared in a way that allows the food and its flavors to speak for themselves.  I could include a long description of how to do a meal like this….but seriously…just find your favorite veggies, chop them for the grill after tossing with some olive oil, or arrange for a salad… cover a roast with seasoning of your choice and through it on the grill.

So gather some friends, open a beer or some wine, let the kids run till they drop, raise a toast to friendship, and eat…simple.
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