Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nature's Celebration

I really wish I could find the time to write here every day.  Between the meals I share with friends and family, articles I read, or even the latest episode of The Mind Of A Chef, I want to share something here all the time.  But more often than not, time does not allow it.  So after being away for two weeks, I intend to be back more consistently.  In the coming couple weeks I have some meals to share, some restaurant reviews, and certainly some random musings.  But let's start with a celebration.

My wife and I are concluding a month of celebrating our anniversary.  The truth is we celebrate anything.  In her family anything is an occasion to celebrate.  The sun came out?  Celebratory dinner!  A birthday?  That’s worth at least three days of special meals.  Sent an article to a potential publisher?  A celebratory toast at the very least.  My next few posts will, one way or another, involve some of these celebrations for our anniversary.  Allow me to begin with how nature joined in.  We visited with friends in San Diego to kick off all our celebrations.  For one of our meals nature surprised us with a pair of hearts encased in watermelon.

I have been blessed by a true partner that, I believe, really was destined for me and me for her.  We met a long, long time ago, not exactly in a galaxy far, far away, but close.  Circumstances separated us, life happened, and then brought us back together.  Sparing you the details, our story should have been written by Nora Ephron.  And this watermelon is just another crazy way I see us as one another's destiny.
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