Tuesday, April 30, 2013

LikeStream - Restaurant Review App in Facebook

I know you get flooded with requests to join apps on your phones and at Facebook, but this one will appeal to you foodies.  Like a good restaurant?  Need to find one, but need to find a trusted reviewer.  Come check out this new app and give it a shot.


Some very exciting news from the world of online restaurant reviews.  Come check this out...and I look forward to seeing you over there.
Come sign up for LikeStream because you want great restaurant recommendations from the friends and experts you trust and want to hear from. Who better than a passionate local with a point of view, to help you discover more hidden gems? 
Please welcome the first of our knowledgeable and adventurous local foodie experts to help you in your quest for new dining experiences.
Michelle Syracuse is the author of a tasteful blog called Gather365. With the motto of "Go forth, Gather, Eat good food", she engagingly narrates her dining experiences in and around Oakland and San Francisco. Best way to describe Michelle's choices and reviews - down-to-earth, warm and thoughtful.
Mark Janda is the author of a thought-provoking blog called It Takes A Kitchen. Mark is a history teacher with a penchant for exploring new food and dining, so you can imagine the learning and adventure that comes from following his reviews around his hometown of Santa Cruz, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Europe.

Sign-in, go to our "foodies & friends" page and follow them from our "famous foodies" tab to see their reviews in your search results.

p.s. A local expert foodie yourself? or know of one? Just let us know, we would love to promote you or your friend on our famous foodies page!

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